Yeshiva Shabbos

Join us for a weekend of Torah and inspiration.

Every month, Hadar Hatorah opens its doors for your weekend yeshiva experience! Arrive Friday afternoon, spend Shabbos, then take classes on Sunday. YeshivaShabbos is your quick boost of Hadar Hatorah life and a supplement to our ten-day YeshivaCation program held three times a year.

For details, please call 718 735 0250.

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Yeshiva Shabbos Schedule (sample)

Chassidus Class 8:00 Rabbi Glick
Shachris 9:30
Trip to the Ohel 10:30
Bagel Brunch 12:30
followed by free afternoon to do shopping on Kingston Ave, outreach activities; prepare for Shabbos
Mincha 8:00 PM 
Walk over together to 770 following Mincha with Rabbi Y. Goldberg
Maariv 9:00
Friday Eve Meal In Hadar Hatorah with Rabbi Wircberg and entire yeshiva
Shabbos, June 9th
Class 9:00 AM Chassidus class
Shacharis 10:00 in Yeshiva
Shabbos Lunch 1:30 PM
Mincha 5:00 One on One Study
Ethics and Cream: Pirkei Avos Class with Rabbi Yitzchok Tsapp and Ice Cream
Mincha 7:30
Third Shabbos Meal and Class w/ Rabbi Goldberg 7:30 Beis Medrash
Maariv and Havdalah 9:15
Melave Malke 10:00 Rabbi Eli Touger – “The Rebbe's Arrival in America”
Sunday, January 3rd
Chassidus #1 8:00 AM Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Jacobson
Chassidus #2 8:00 Rabbi Yosef Wircberg
Chassidus #3 8:00 Rabbi Yaakov Goldberg
Morning Prayer 9:15
Breakfast 10:20
Intro. to Gemara 11:20 Rabbi Zalman Shanowitz
Gemara #2 11:20 Rabbi Yosef Wircberg
Gemara #3 11:20 Rabbi Yaakov Osdoba
Gemara #4 11:20 Rabbi Yaakov Goldberg
YeshivaCation Wrap-Up 1:00 PM Staff
Mincha & Lunch 2:15 PM