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22nd Annual Purim Raffle

Congratulations to the Winners of Hadar Hatorah's Purim Raffle!

1: $5000.00 Cash – Shimon Waronker, Australia

2: Megillas Esther – Dovid Segal, Brooklyn, NY

3: $1500. Travel – Abi Friedman, N Miami Beach, FL

4: $1500 Gift Cards– Dovid Asher Schwartz, Brooklyn, NY

5: Five Piece Sterling Silver Shabbos Table Set – Matisyahu Devlin, N Miami Beach, FL

6: Diamond Pendant – Rafael Rice, Brooklyn, NY

7: Dell Computer – Eliezer Putter, Brooklyn, NY

8: Bugaboo Stroller – Esty Benhirsch, Brooklyn, NY

9: iPhone 12– Bernard Antin, Southfield, MI

10: Necklace – Moshe Glikin, Brooklyn, NY

11: "Cup Full of Blessings" by Michoel Muchnik – Yisroel Feiner, Los Angeles, CA

12: Michel Schwartz Lithograph (Am Yisroel Chai): Ari Sperlin, Brooklyn, NY

13: Apple iPad – Yosef Eidelshtein, Toronto, Canada

14: Canon Digital Camera – Phivel Caplan, Brooklyn, NY

15: $500 B&H – Ari Sperlin, Brooklyn, NY

16: Canon Camcorder – Rafael Rice, Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for all who participated in making the raffle a success!

In Tribute to Schabse Noach Gordon, of blessed memory

Schabse Noach Gordon A"H Now in its 22nd year, Hadar Hatorah's annual Purim Raffle owes its humble origins to Schabse Gordon. When we were putting together the first raffle, Schabse stepped forward and, without any fanfare, let us know that he would be happy to donate the Purim megillah, which was then the "grand prize" of two prizes. He was awed by the seriousness and dedication of our yeshiva students, men who came from nonreligious backgrounds, who put aside their secular pursuits temporarily to pursue a full-fledged Jewish education.