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Hadar Hatorah, the world's first yeshivah for Jewish men with little or no formal background in Jewish knowledge or practice was founded in 1963.

Appreciating the student's past journeys through life, Hadar Hatorah addresses the unique concerns of the sincere latecomer.

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Dear Prospective Student,

More than fifty years ago, when Hadar Hatorah was first founded, it was a revolutionary idea for a young man to want to attach himself to a traditional, chassidic lifestyle and join a yeshiva to accomplish these purposes. Nowadays, it is much easier. It is more accepted, more understood but still not necessarily an easy step to take. At Hadar Hatorah, we try to make this transition process as easy and inspiring as possible. One important resource is the community of Crown Heights at large. This includes many of our own alumni, professionals and businessmen, raising families of their own. These individuals are truly a significant resource, providing an example and additional channel for direction for Hadar Hatorah students.

Most important, however, is the knowledge of Judaism that you, the student will learn and absorb in the yeshiva itself. The process of learning and study is all encompassing, requiring time, patience and determination. It is not only absorbing information, but bringing this information to a level of personal realization.

Our teachers are here to support you, guide you and answer all your questions, no matter what they might be. Our goal is guide and educate you to become a practicing and knowledgeable Jew and a Chasid of the Rebbe.

Whether a man joins Hadar Hatorah’s full-time program for a significant period of time or just for the summer program in the Catskills or even for one of the ten-day YeshivaCations given three times a year, he will surely gain knowledge and love for our holy Jewish tradition.

Rabbi Y Goldberg, Rosh Yeshiva

Full-Time Yeshivah

Hadar Hatorah's full time learning program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young men to participate in an intensive Jewish studies program that will provide them with a firm grounding in all aspects of Jewish life. They will be able to return to college or the work force with the ability to learn, pray and live a Jewish life with confidence and skill.

A heavy emphasis is placed on personal attention with the understanding that meshing your life accomplishments with a traditional Chassidic lifestyle in a yeshivah environment may be a challenging process.

Applicants should be between ages 18 and 35, and be ready and able to pursue a vigorous, full-day compliment of classes. Proficiency in English is required.

Dormitory and Dining

Students live and learn in the Chassidic community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in the vicinity of 770 Eastern Parkway, Lubavitch World Headquarters. Hadar Hatorah is a residential yeshivah. All dorm rooms are new, clean and provide a comfortable living environment. The yeshivah provides a full meal plan for fully enrolled students.


Tuition is $600.00 per month; room and board is $400.00 per month.

College Credits

Hadar Hatorah's administration works with students and individual schools to maximize transference of credits.


Hadar Hatorah offers partial and full scholarships based on need, once the applicant has been accepted. No eligible student is turned away.


Any applicant who is interested should call us at 718 735 0250 for further information, or fill out the online application form.

Two written recommendations are required.

Fall, winter and spring semesters are held at our Brooklyn campus.

The summer session is in our Catskill Mountains facilities.

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